Who is Desmond Harrington?

Age: 37 (born Oct 19th, 1976)
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Desmond Harrington was born in Savannah, Georgia, but when he was 3-years old, his moms and dads chose to return to their birth place, The Bronx, NY.

Maturing in the Bronx, Desmond went to Catholic schools for 12 years St. Margaret’s of Cortona for elementary school and Fordham Prep for high school.

Desmond discovered problems in and out of school & throughout his developmental years.

After senior high school, Desmond went to Manhattan college for 6 weeks before leaving.

With no genuine sense of direction, he took jobs as a worker, landscaper, a cold caller at a brokerage service, and lastly a bartending position in Manhattan, where a colleague welcomed him to go to an acting course.

For many years, Desmond Harrington has actually appeared in comedies, dramas and TV shows alike, and has always delivered the goods…

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